A Basic Understanding of The Power Clean Vs. The Kettle bell Clean

The power clean is an exercise that has been around for over 50 years and has been developed to help generate power and strength. The power combines two different weightlifting exercises, often done with dumbbells: the pure and the jerk. The power clean consists of the lifter moving the dumbbells behind the head without resting on the neck, over the shoulders, then back down to the clavicles, and then back up to the chest again. This is an excellent technique for building upper body power because the it moves their body as if they are trying to get leverage. The power clean routine requires the lifter to transfer the weight from their feet and onto the back of their hands. When the lifter stands upright with the bell overhead, they should be facing the direction of their target and then explode upward off the starting position.


The difference between the power clean and the jerk lies in the style of movement is used with the kettlebell weights. Power clean uses both weight and momentum, while the jerk focuses on speed alone. The power clean consists of using a normal weighted barbell to move in the direction of the target while a dumbbell is moved behind the head at full force. It means that when the kettle bells are overhead, the lifter should face the target, not away from it. The jerk focuses more on weight than momentum, so the lifter must move in a way that increases the load as the bell moves overhead.


If you are looking to improve your lifting capability, then the kettlebell clean is a great way. If you are an athlete or someone who wants to increase your strength, then the kettlebell jerk can help you accomplish both. Regardless of your goals, kettlebells make a great addition to your fitness routine and help you build huge arms, lean legs, and strong core muscles.

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