A Trainer’s Guide to Building Muscle – An eBook Review

A Trainer’s Guide to Building Muscle is an eBook written by Mark Bell and Mike Geary; it is designed to help new and experienced bodybuilders. It is full of exercises and training tips that will get you on the right track to building a muscular physique. The eBook gives step-by-step instructions on how to perform all the different exercises and workout plans. 


This is the first specialized muscle-building guide written by experts and tailored to a general audience. The authors’ have combined decades of professional experience with training athletes to produce a text that provides complete and concise information about weight training and muscle building. It is also a guide that can be used by bodybuilders at all levels. This comprehensive guide is easy to read with easy-to-follow exercise and nutrition guidelines.


The most important information on this program comes from the workouts and diet section. The program uses simple and easy-to-use programs so that anyone can use it, whether they are beginners or experts. The program is packed with tips and advice that will keep even the most novice exerciser motivated.


As mentioned above, the program’s main focus is on training. Each workout plan is broken down into individual sets, reps, and exercise variations. They also provide a detailed description of each exercise and a set of instructions for performing that exercise. There is also a complete list of supplements to help the body build muscle and recommend products and accessories that can be used.


As for supplements, there are two kinds to choose from. One supplement containing anabolic steroids is prohibited in competitive sports and should not be taken if you want to build muscle fast. And then, there is the other supplement, which is designed to increase testosterone in the body. This supplement is usually recommended for serious bodybuilders who want to increase their muscle size but are still low-volume.


Overall, the program is easy to use and contains enough information and exercise plans to get you started on your way to building muscles fast. For those who want to see results quickly, this program is recommended.

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