History of Bodybuilding

The history of bodybuilding spans back to ancient Greek when men lifted stone in weightlifting competitions. These times, the ancient statues bear witness to a renowned physique of the great weightlifter known as “The Greek God.” In the mid-19th century, the famous strongman Jose Cardoso came onto the scene and was so impressive and mesmerizing that he would enthrall and entertain audiences with feats of pure strength, such as lifting massive wooden objects, men, and animals. They perform several types of powerlifting.

The term “strongman” derived from a Greek word “δύναμη” (dýnami), meaning “strength,” and the term “gymnastics (γυμναστική gymnastics),” meaning “exercises for gymnasts.” Many professionals and bodybuilders today consider Strongman as their inspiration. The word strongman first surfaced at the London Strongman Competition, which Mr. Henry Ford organized. The event gained wide publicity, not only because it was so unique but also because it was organized. The organizers allowed fans to buy tickets through the mail for up to three weeks ahead of time and even set up a television station inside the arena to broadcast the event on television.

When they held the original Strongman competition in Great Britain, the word soon became famous all over Europe, and the United States Strongman Association adopted it in 1931. As the competition evolved, the name changed to the American version,  known as the World Championship Strongman. Today, the competition is a multi-sport event where participants compete to lift as much weight as possible in thirty seconds or less. It is a great aerobic exercise since it requires a lot of upper and lower body strength and leg endurance. The event has also evolved in other ways as well.

The ProPower Magazine, a major competitor in the field, sponsors the current world powerlifting championship. The World Cup is also a popular and well-known powerlifting event that they hold each year in Austria. The International Society of Professional Trainers in Bodybuilding (ITP) is a prominent organization dedicated to promoting the world of bodybuilding, both professional and amateur. They give a bodybuilder with information and competitions, training tips, seminars, and more. The International Olympic Committee is also a major sponsor of this type of competition.

Many famous strongmen have achieved a lot of success in the history of this sport. A great example is Larry Scott, an excellent powerlifter and the most successful weightlifter in history, with a virtually impossible physique to duplicate. Another famous strongman is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is considered the best bodybuilder of all time and is an actor and star of numerous movies and television shows. They both have healthy, muscular bodies and dedication.

Many famous personalities inspire and motivate bodybuilders, as well as inspire the sport of strongman. Jim Fixx and Vince Delmonte are some of the most well-known strongmen of all time.

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